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UPDATE: That military truck carrying a Trump flag belongs to a Navy SEAL team

New information has come to light about the nature of this convoy.

US Navy grounds all F/A-18 Super Hornets, EA-18 Growlers

Jet damaged, ground crew injured after "on-deck emergency" at WA base.

The Navy evacuated the injured ground crew to a Seattle hospital via search-and-rescue helicopter.

USMC F-35s will deploy on British Royal Navy carrier in 2021

The move gives the British carriers a reason to exist.

The USMC will join the Royal Navy on the HMS Queen Elizabeth's first operational deployment.

Watch Danish helo pilots land on a ship in rough seas, laugh in death's face

Listening to the radio comms, it's like this is a walk in the park.

Afraid of helicopters, rough seas, or ships? Don't watch this video.

USS Zumwalt stranded in Panama Canal by engine woes

Tugboats eventually came to the ship's rescue and escorted it to a dock for repairs.

Well, this is embarrassing. The US Navy's newest destroyer is stuck in Panama for ten days (reportedly) undergoing repairs for another engine problem.

Dutch WW2 shipwrecks disappear, illegal salvagers suspected

The missing wrecks mark the grave site of nearly 900 Dutch sailors.

Significant sections of a third ship are missing.

The USS Zumwalt can't afford its own $800,000-per-round ammo

Maybe they'll use railguns instead.

Unprecedented accuracy from a naval cannon, but at a pretty steep price.

US Marines to convert MV-22 Osprey for air-to-air refueling

Because this aircraft couldn't do enough already.

It won't carry a lot of fuel, but it's enough to keep USMC fighters on station a little longer.

DARPA tests parasailing radar with its robotic boat

It's the future of naval warfare wrapped in a nice, neat package.

Submarines use towed sonar, so why can't a ship use a parasailing radar?

British Royal Navy shadows Russian carrier group

The carrier Admiral Kuznetsov and her escorts are bound for Syria.

Russia's sole aircraft carrier is sailing from its homeport past the British Isles, and that's drawn the attention of the UK and other NATO countries in the region.

Navy responds to USS Mason attack with Tomahawk strikes

Three Houthi-controlled radar stations were hit.

The Navy said "Nitze struck the sites, which were used to attack US ships operating in international waters, threatening freedom of navigation."

Rockets miss US Navy destroyer sailing near Gulf of Aden

It comes days Houthi rebels launched a ballistic missile against Saudi Arabia.

The USS Mason didn't suffer any damage and it's crew came out of the incident unscathed, Navy officials confirmed.

US military begins preparations for Hurricane Matthew

Aircraft, ships, and personnel begin evacuations from Florida and US East Coast.

C-17 Globemasters, F-22 Raptors, and T-38 Talons are all shipping to bases further inland while Navy ships either shelter in place or sail for northern waters.

Watch Navy shock testing from the deck of a new LCS

Batten down the hatches.

This new footage of the USS Jackson's June shock tests gives some idea of how serious the explosions are.

Iran harasses US Navy in international waters (again)

It's the third time in just weeks.

An official said that if the US government had diplomatic relations with Iran, this latest incident would have been enough to warrant an official diplomatic protest from the State Department.

Iranian attack boats harass US Navy destroyer

The Navy called Iran's actions "unsafe and unprofessional."

Iran defended its actions, saying they'll warn and then confront any nation that enters its territorial waters.

F-35C software could cut carrier training time

Pilots on the USS George Washington are singing the F-35's praises.

According to one Navy pilot, the software could lead to dramatic reductions in the amount of time it takes pilots to train and qualify on the Navy's aircraft carriers.

The best images from RIMPAC 2016

One of the world's biggest military exercises guarantees some good photos.

We perused thousands of images and gathered a few of our very favorites from this year's Rim of the Pacific exercises off the coast of Hawaii.

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This hypothetical US/Russian Navy showdown has a surprising result

Who'd win in a fight? The US Navy's cutting-edge Zumwalt or Russia's heavily armed Kirov-class?

Supreme stealth at the expense of firepower versus extremely powerful, but antiquated, weaponry. Place your bets.

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The Navy's Great Green Fleet might not be so green

Actual biofuel is just 5.5 percent of the Navy's green mix today, compared to 50 percent in 2012.

There are a lot of problems with the US Navy's biofuel blend, one of the service's former captains claims.

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