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Want lower oil prices? First you need higher ones, analysts say

That is the growing consensus among Wall Street analysts

China studying when to ban gasoline and diesel cars

China is the world's largest auto market.

Question of the Day: Time remaining for internal combustion?

Our friend the internal-combustion engine may not be with us forever.

Electric cars, atomic cars, perpetual-motion cars, carts pulled by robot mules – someday, they may replace the good old internal-combustion engine.

Norway steps away from gas and diesel car ban

Norway's leaders want to "encourage more environmentally friendly vehicles by using the carrot instead of stick."

A spokesman for Norway's Ministry of Transport has denied that the country is planning on banning gas and diesel vehicles by 2025, saying new technology would do the job (in the long term) rather than regulations.

AAA study reveals Top Tier gasoline worth extra cost

Saving a few cents might not be the smartest idea.

The higher quality gas with extra detergents leaves fewer deposits, and is worth the premium.

These hypermilers think saving gas is a patriotic move

Wayne Gerdes explains why 9/11 made him want to drive from Los Angeles, CA, to Bend, OR, on one tank of fuel.

Fire departments say mobile gas-filling services are illegal

In Silicon Valley and elsewhere, services are offering to fill your tank with gas while you're at home or work. But fire departments say it's illegal.

First Drive
2016 Nissan Titan XD 5.6 V8 First Drive

A quieter, lighter, cheaper, but thirstier XD.

Nissan has released an XD without a Cummins badge or any hint of big-truck soundtrack. We see how the 5.6-liter gas V8 compares to its diesel sibling.

Northern Michigan town first to see sub-$1 fuel prices

A price war in Michigan recorded gas prices as low as 47 cents a gallon on Sunday. That said, fuel prices have since returned to more normal levels.

Woman in Russia lights car on fire at gas station

A woman pumping gas in Russia accidentally lit her car on fire while holding a lighter to her fuel tank.

In 2015 gas was cheaper than 2014, will be cheaper in 2016

AAA reports that Americans paid an average of $2.40 per gallon of gasoline in 2015, which is 94 cents lower than last year - but not as low as the projections for next year.

Labor Day drivers to enjoy lowest gasoline prices since 2004

The national average price of gasoline this Labor Day weekend will be its lowest at this time of year since 2004, a result of low oil prices and a quiet hurricane season that has allowed refineries to churn out gasoline and diesel.

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Why gas is too cheap and yet still so expensive

The price of a barrel of crude oil is at its lowest level for this time of year since 2004. AAA says pump prices should be under $2 per gallon, but that's not the case.

Fire sale on stuff that burns: Oil, natural gas, coal down

It seems whatever can be burned to power a car, heat a home or make electricity, or ship people and goods is being sold at bargain basement prices.

Gas price drop accelerates

The American Automobile Association says that gasoline prices are they lowest they've been for this time of year since 2009, the average price for a gallon of gas was $2.66 on July 31.

Nuclear deal with Iran could lead to $2 gas

Analysts are predicting that this week's historic deal with Iran will cause gas prices to drop dramatically in the coming months.

Electric cars can be dirtier than traditional gas cars

It's Location, Location, Location

Some electric vehicles cause so much more environmental damage than traditional gas engines that they should be hit with more taxes, not subsides.

Gas prices for summer still look low even after spring surge

Drivers who have seen a steady rise in the price of gasoline can relax: They will almost certainly be paying far less for gas this summer than they have in at least six years.

AAA predicts most holiday travelers in 10 years

With more money in their pockets thanks to lower gas prices and an improved job market, AAA expects more than 37 million Americans to travel for Memorial Day, the most since 2005.

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