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Toyota, Honda and Nissan top list of automakers facing climate-change risks

VW and Stellantis have less to worry about, says Greenpeace study

Manchin, Schumer announce surprise 'Inflation Reduction' deal on energy and taxes

West Virginia Democrat had previously scuttled attempts at climate change measures

Toyota skips zero-emissions pledge, says world's not ready

That's why it's 'difficult for us to commit' to 2040 climate promise others signed

New York sets 2035 zero-emissions passenger car goal

While NYC plans to encourage 400,000 EVs, install 10,000 curbside chargers

AP Fact Check: Biden overstates UAW support for electric cars

Union agrees on the need for them in general, but it has job concerns

'Code red for humanity': Landmark report says global warming will blow past predictions

But scientists say worst scenario can be avoided if we act fast, especially on methane

Biden seeks automakers' pledge for 40% of sales to be electric by 2030

The automakers, of course, seek consumer incentives, with talks in early stages

Europe's climate masterplan aims to slash emissions within a decade

Should help meet 2030 goal of reducing emissions by 55% from 1990 levels

World must remove 1 billion tons of CO2 by 2025 to meet climate goal, report says

But it looks like we'll have the capacity to remove only 15% of that amount

Cargill will sell cow masks to trap methane burps

It may sound silly, but production is planned for a quarter-million of them

Biden's climate summit: Look for cajoling, conflict, big green goals

Summit of 40 nations kicks off Thursday with U.S. announcing its emissions target

Soaring SUV sales clash with attempts to slow climate change

200 million SUVs in the world and counting, up from 35 million in 2010

Soaring demand for SUVs drove record sales for premium carmakers including BMW and Mercedes last year, leaving the industry on collision course with government efforts to tackle global warming despite big investments in electric vehicles. BMW said on Friday deliveries by its main luxury brand rose 2% to a record 2,168,516 vehicles last year, thanks to a 21% jump in sales of its "X" branded sport-utility vehicles (SUV) which now make up 44% of the BMW brand's global sales. At Mercedes

Climate change policies are going to be costly, says U.N.-backed report

On the other hand, green automakers could more than double their value

Tighter government climate regulations by 2025 could wipe up to $2.3 trillion off the value of companies in industries ranging from fossil fuel producers to agriculture and car makers, an investor group warned in a report. Rules aimed at lowering carbon emissions are expected to accelerate in the coming years as countries scramble to meet obligations under the 2015 Paris climate agreement limiting global warming. "As the realities of climate change catch up, social pressure mounts, and low car

Watch: Climate change protest using fake blood goes horribly wrong

8 people arrested after losing control of the hose and 1,800 liters of fake blood

Greta Thunberg has guts, but you don't need to

As she shames world leaders for their inaction, there's plenty you can do

Germany sets $60B climate policy as youths protest worldwide

With 100,000 marching outside, Merkel boosts EV incentives but won't kill ICE

Under pressure from environmental protests and growing support for the opposition Green party, the German government agreed Friday on a 54 billion euro ($60 billion) package of measures for tackling climate change. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the deal hammered out by governing parties during marathon talks overnight would boost the country's contribution to fighting global warming. Europe's biggest economy aims to cut its greenhouse emissions by 55% by 2030 compared with 1990 levels.

Republican senator opposes Trump EPA pick over climate change policies

Several other Republican senators might also vote against confirming him

Several other Republican senators might also vote against confirming him.

Climate change situation is critical: Here's how your car choices can help

Things you can do to lower your carbon footprint

The U.N. report on climate change is devastating, but you can help.

NHTSA study forecasts dangerous rise in world temperatures by 2100

But it's being used to justify relaxing environmental standards

But it's being used to justify relaxing environmental standards.

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