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Jaguar ended production of the XJ sedan in July, 2019

Expect an electric replacement for the flagship British saloon

Expect an electric replacement for the flagship British saloon.

Next-gen electric Jaguar XJ could pack as much as 800 horsepower

New platform and more powerful I-Pace tech under a five-door liftback body

New platform and more powerful I-Pace tech under a five-door liftback body.

Lexus RC F takes star turn in 'Men in Black: International' blockbuster

Co-stars include a weapons-carrier Jaguar XJ and hovercycle

Co-stars include a weapons-carrier Jaguar XJ and hovercycle.

Could Jaguar become an EV-only brand?

Jag planners considering revolutionary bid to restore brand's fortunes

Jag product planners considering revolutionary bid to restore brand's fortunes.

Jaguar XJ50 Road Trip Review | Driving the XJ50's history

We drive select historic XJs and the new XJ50 to Paris

We drive select historic XJs and the new XJ50 to Paris

2019 Jaguar XJ50 is a supercharged birthday present

Jaguar celebrates the 50th anniversary of its iconic XJ sedan

Jaguar is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its elegant luxury sedan, the XJ, with a stylish and supercharged new model called the XJ50. This nod to eight generations of XJ comes in long-wheelbase format and is powered by either a 340-horsepower supercharged V6, or snarling 470-hp supercharged V8. While the V6 model is available with a choice of rear- or all-wheel drive, the more powerful V8 is offered only in rear-wheel drive form.

Jaguar XJ could move to all-electric platform late this year

An EV XJ would square off against Tesla Model S, Porsche Mission E

This would line it up squarely with the Tesla Model S.

Junkyard Gem: 1995 Jaguar Vanden Plas

Once a Jaguar gets to its third owner, the junkyard isn't far away.

Here's a 1995 Vanden Plas in a Denver-area self-service wrecking yard.

Junkyard Gem: 1997 Jaguar XJ6 L

The stretched Jaguar XJ, last of the big straight-six XJs.

For the Jaguar owner who wanted to be chauffeured, the XJ6 Long Wheel Base offered extra-roomy rear seats. This last-year-of-the-straight-six XJ is spending its final days in a San Francisco Bay Area self-service wrecking yard.

Junkyard Gem: 1985 Jaguar XJ6

Wire wheels, Lucas electrics, and everything else that makes a Jag a Jag.

Notorious for electrical malfunctions, these had plenty of style.

Jaguar axes supercar plans, focuses on luxury EVs

British automaker opts for green rather than mean.

Jaguar Land Rover tech tracks brainwaves, heart, lungs

The latest technologies developed by Jaguar Land Rover monitor the driver's biometrics and provide midair haptic feedback through ultrasonic pulses.

Daily Driver: 2015 Jaguar XJL AWD

We drive the all-wheel-drive version of the 2015 Jaguar XJL, with a spot of rain thrown in for good measure.

2016 Jaguar XJ sedan revealed

Jaguar has given its flagship XJ sedan range a few key updates to keep it fresh, including new lighting on the outside and new technology on the inside. But will all that be enough to keep up with its newer rivals?

Check out Harry Metcalfe's 1978 Jaguar XJ 5.3 V12 Coupe

Jaguar only made about 10,000 XJ Coupes in the 1970s, and only a couple thousand of them had the V12 engine. Former Evo editor Harry Metcalfe just so happens to have a peach of an example in his garage, and shows us around in this latest video.

Jaguar recalls 1,500 XJ sedans over brake issues

A problem with the hydraulic brakes on the flagship XJ sedan has prompted Jaguar to issue a recall. The issue, as publicized by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the notice you can read below, revolves around the brake line junctions

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Jaguar XJ facelift suggests that if it ain't broke...

Jaguar is preparing what looks to be a very modest upgrade for its long-serving XJ, now heading into its fifth year in production. The fullsize luxury sedan's changes are so limited it seems like a stretch to even refer to these changes as a proper update.

Jaguar Land Rover develops 'transparent' A-pillar and ghost car [w/video]

Jaguar and Land Rover are known for making highly covetable luxury, performance and off-road vehicles, but the British automakers are on a bit of a technology bent lately. Keen to show that it can not only keep up but lead the way when it comes to safety and convenience features, JLR has come out with two more systems to show the way forward.

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