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U.S. government seeks comments for fuel-economy standards review

EPA is asking the public for comments on Obama-era policy.

Obama Administration takes one last swing at promoting EVs

'Datathon' is part of a broader effort that includes funding, charging corridors.

Tuesday's "Electric Vehicle Datathon" gives the outgoing president another chance to tout plug-in vehicle technology.

US government outlines policy on self-driving cars

Finally, there's going to be some rules. Or at least strong suggestions.

Obama Administration wants 200-mile EV that charges in under 10 minutes

Turns out, the Feds do not want EV momentum to fade.

Despite missing the famous 1-million-EVs-by-2015 goal, the Obama Administration is still working towards a US with more electric vehicles.

Autoblog in Cuba: Revisiting our trip to the island nation

As Barrack Obama becomes the first President of the United States to visit Cuba since Calvin Coolidge did 88 years ago, we look back on our own trip to the island nation in the Caribbean.

When a conservative and a liberal talk about Tesla

We sit down for a Q&A with Tesla Model X owner Randy Hansen.

This might be the longest Q&A we've ever had on AutoblogGreen, but when you cover solar energy, Tesla's future, and the EV experience, it takes a while.

Best way to reduce harmful emissions? Curb cars

Drivers can help head off climate change by choosing more fuel-efficient vehicles.

Reduce the amount of food you discard. Turn down the thermostat by three degrees for eight hours a day. Consume less meat.

Obama preparing 'larger speech' on $10 per barrel oil tax

This Discussion Is Just Starting

President Obama says he will likely give a longer speech on his proposal to impose a $10-per-barrel tax on oil. He first proposed the idea this week.

Obama visits Detroit Auto Show to focus on industry recovery

President Obama will visit the North American International Auto Show in Detroit on Wednesday. He will also speak to residents of a local neighborhood.

18 automakers agree on new safety pact with regulators

Mary Barra And Sergio Marchionne In Detroit For 'Historic' Announcement

In an effort to stem a tide of safety crises, 18 automakers reached a voluntary agreement with federal regulators on principles designed to improve safety.

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That time when VW thought its diesels were holier than hybrids

Ex-EPA Officer Says Company Wanted Bonus Credits For Diesels

VW boycotted Obama's 2011 announcement of CAFE greenhouse-gas emissions standards.

Federal Highway Bill recommends new fees for electric vehicles

Congress Passes 3-Month Highway, Transit Aid Patch

Buried in the new Federal Highway Bill, which has passed Congress, is a recommendation that states impose fees on electric vehicles.

US proposes tougher fuel-efficiency standards for trucks

The Obama administration has proposed tough new fuel economy standards to improve fuel efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide pollution from trucks and vans.

G7 leaders talk about fossil-fuel free future

Like So Many Other Efforts, This Would Be Like The Apollo Program

Decarbonizing the transportation sector is just one part of a potential goal for the UN and the G7 leaders, who met in Germany on Monday.

Obama administration wants lower ethanol levels

RFS Update Would Drop Ethanol Level By 4B Gallons This Year

A proposal from the Obama administration would lower the 2014 Renewable Fuels Standard level to the amount actually used last year, and goes up from there.

Former Obama advisor leaves top executive job at Uber

Stays On In An Advisory Role

President Obama's former campaign manager is moving on from his position as senior vice president of policy and communications for Uber to the board of directors, the company announced Wednesday.

Malia Obama taught to drive by Secret Service

The Secret Service taught Malia Obama how to drive, and the agency wouldn't even let Michelle Obama in the car with her.

Baby born in traffic jam caused by presidential motorcade

Washington gridlock is one thing, but traffic that was stopped for President Barack Obama's visit to Louisville led to a woman giving birth on the shoulder of Interstate 65.

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