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Appeals court tosses Trump bid to roll back fuel efficiency penalties

Fines had only once been adjusted for inflation over 40 years

Trump claims NASCAR noose was 'hoax,' demands Bubba Wallace apologize

He also decries Confederate flag ban, claims wrongly NASCAR's ratings are down

After a weekend spent stoking division, President Donald Trump on Monday went after NASCAR's only Black driver and criticized its decision to ban the Confederate flag at its races and venues. Exploiting racial tensions, Trump wrongly accused Bubba Wallace of perpetrating “a hoax” after one of his crew members discovered a rope shaped like a noose in a garage stall they had been assigned to. Federal authorities ruled last month that the rope had been hanging there since at least last October an

D.C. mayor paints 'Black Lives Matter' on street leading to White House

Intersection where peaceful protesters were routed is 'Black Lives Matter Plaza'

Trump could violate Ford's and governor's face mask requirements on plant tour

Aside from the rules, union says the ventilator plant is a sterile environment

Ford Motor Co. has told the White House that it requires everyone in its factories to wear face masks to prevent the coronavirus from spreading, but it's not clear whether President Donald Trump will wear one when he visits a Detroit-area plant Thursday. Trump, who is scheduled to tour a factory repurposed to make medical breathing machines near Detroit, has habitually refused to wear a mask at the White House and in recent public appearances. In a statement, Ford said its policy requires ever

Trump administration issues final rule on lower fuel-economy increases

Next up, a protracted legal fight with automakers, states split

President Donald Trump is poised to roll back ambitious Obama-era vehicle mileage standards and raise the ceiling on damaging fossil fuel emissions for years to come, gutting one of the United States' biggest efforts against climate change. The Trump administration is expected to release a final rule Tuesday on mileage standards through 2026. The change — making good on the rollback after two years of Trump threatening and fighting states and a faction of automakers that opposed the move — wat

Trump again threatens big tariffs on European car imports

"If we can't make a deal, we'll have to put 25% tariffs on their cars"

U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday threatened to impose high tariffs on imports of cars from the European Union if the bloc doesn't agree to a trade deal. Trump has previously made threats to place duties on European automobile imports, with the intent of receiving better terms in the U.S.-Europe trade relationship. Trump has delayed imposing the tariffs a number of times.

Bill Ford praises John Dingell as Trump takes heat for hell wisecrack

White House says he was 'just riffing,' but even Trump's allies want an apology

The White House on Thursday defended Donald Trump's verbal assault against former Democratic Representative John Dingell, as members of Congress blasted the Republican president for insulting another veteran lawmaker after his death. Dingell, the longest-serving member of Congress, died in February at age 92 after representing his district outside Detroit for 59 years in the House of Representatives. At a campaign rally in Dingell's home state of Michigan Wednesday night, Trump suggested the l

After impeachment, House gives big North American trade victory to Trump

Revised deal could create 30,000 jobs in U.S. auto plants

One day after its historic impeachment votes, the Democratic-led House gave President Donald Trump an overwhelming bipartisan victory Thursday on a renegotiated trade agreement with Canada and Mexico. The legislation passed after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and her colleagues won key concessions from an administration anxious to pass the trade deal before next year’s election season makes that task more difficult. The GOP-controlled Senate probably will take up the legislation when

California, 22 other states sue EPA over right to set emissions standards

Suit against the EPA bookends one filed against NHTSA

California and 22 other U.S. states filed suit on Friday to challenge the Trump administration's decision to revoke California's authority to set stiff vehicle tailpipe emissions rules and require a rising number of zero emission vehicles (ZEV). The lawsuit, filed in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, seeks to overturn the Environmental Protection Agency's decision in September to revoke portions of a waiver it granted in 2013. California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, w

As it fights Trump on emissions, California devises ways to make him irrelevant

$7,000 rebate plan, other tax moves are designed to outmaneuver the EPA

Brace for tariffs on cars, German official says after meetings in U.S.

'There is quite a lot of impatience on the U.S. side'

Trump finally gets his tanks for D.C. Fourth of July celebration

He says display will feature 'the brand new Sherman tanks'

California, Canada sidestep Trump administration, strike a deal on emissions

Feds increasingly becoming odd man out on fuel economy

Feds increasingly becoming odd man out on fuel economy.

U.S.-Mexico talks continue under tariff threat as Trump returns from Europe

As deadline looms, 'There has been some movement on their part,' Pence says

As deadline looms, 'There has been some movement on their part,' Pence says.

'Untenable': Automakers urge Trump to compromise with California on emissions

Letter urges him to give up the idea of freezing fuel economy standards

Letter urges him to give up the idea of freezing fuel economy standards.

Mexico, U.S. officials hold tariff talks as Mexico readies retribution

Mexico would target economies of states that voted for Trump

Mexico would target economies of states that voted for Trump.

If Mexico tariffs happen, here's a list of the hardest-hit cars

President's threat looks more real by the day; its effects would be widespread

President's threat looks more real by the day; its effects would be widespread

U.S. denies GM tariff relief request for China-made Buick SUV

Volvo's request got rejected, too

Volvo's request got rejected, too.

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