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Bridgestone plans to introduce airless tires on commercial vehicles, bicycles

First up are airless-tire bicycle at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo

Airless tire makers hope for breakout moment with autonomous driving

AVs could mean greater demand for puncture-resistant tires.

Makers of airless tyres such as Japan's Bridgestone Corp. hope driverless cars will herald a breakthrough for their niche technology, which is more than a decade old but underperforms standard tyres in every way except resistance to puncture. Autonomous driving - and the eventual introduction of self-driving taxis - could mean greater demand for puncture-resistant tyres as greater usage of vehicles exposes them to more flat tyres. "In the past, a car would be driven about 20% of the time and s

The inside of an F1 tire is probably a lot thinner than you think

A YouTuber cut one in half to find out

A YouTuber cut one in half to find out.

Goodyear rolls out home tire installation service aimed at millennials

Technicians will bring tires to you and install them on the spot

Technicians will bring tires to you and install them on the spot.

Goodyear rolls out moss-filled tire that releases oxygen

Maybe they can get Sir Stirling Moss as their pitchman?

The Oxygene is a photosynthesis tire, 3D-printed, that makes electricity.

GM commits to sustainable natural rubber for tires

Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear, and Michelin will help lead the change to greener tires.

Transparency, labor rights, and preventing deforestation are keys to the initiative.

Food waste is great for tires, say researchers

Eggshells and tomato skins make for more sustainable compounds.

These tires divert landfill waste while reducing dependence on foreign petroleum.

5 Car Parts Potholes Can Damage

Think driving will get easier once the winter season ends? Think again.

The Dodge Demon's massive drag tires are just barely street legal

Custom tires cover 18- by 11-inch wheels.

We don't recommend wet weather driving.

This scanner checks tire tread depth when you drive over it

What's the last time you checked the tread on your tires?

How to Troubleshoot a Car Pulling to One Side

If your car is pulling or leaning to one side, it's not only frustrating - it can also be a possible safety hazard while driving on the road.

Top 10 Bad Car Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Cars are intricate machines with thousands of individual parts.

Signs You Need New Car Tires

Tires are one of the most important parts of any vehicle.

How Bad Driving Prematurely Wears Out Your Car

Generally speaking, after your housing, your car is your biggest financial investment and responsibility.

5 Signs Your Car Needs An Alignment

With all the advances in vehicle technology and performance, it can be difficult to keep up with all the required maintenance and repairs.

How to Buy All Season Tires

If you live in areas with changing weather patterns, you may need to change the tires on your car along with the changing seasons.

How to Maintain and Protect Your Tires

Maintaining, protecting, and keeping your tires, especially new tires, in good shape helps extend their lifecycle in most circumstances.

How to Do a Tire Safety Inspection

When you need to go somewhere in your car, usually you grab your car keys and your driver’s license, hop in the driver’s seat, and go.

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