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Macron makes U-turn on fuel tax after 'yellow vest' protests

Cars and gasoline trigger a revolt of the have-nots against the haves

Macron and Abe seek to avert messy Renault-Nissan breakup

Abe said 'the future of the alliance is up to private-sector shareholders'

Abe said 'the future of the alliance is up to private-sector shareholders.'

Experimental Scania bus runs on French winery waste

A test Scania now runs local routes with wine ED95 in its tanks

A test Scania now runs local routes with wine ED95 in its tanks.

Renault opens Alpine plant, will build 6,000 per year

Brand and A110 sports car are revived after decades.

Brand and A110 sports car are revived after decades.

France plans to ban sale of diesel, gasoline vehicles

It's meant to keep momentum going on the Paris climate agreement.

VW's French unit reported false delivery figures since 2010

Inaccurate information was provided on almost 800,000 vehicles in total.

Delphi, Trandsdev launch autonomous mobility services in France

Self-driving vehicles will be available on-demand in Normandy and Paris-Saclay.

The partners plan to provide their technology globally.

How Wattway is taking the lead in solar-road projects

Colas's Wattway went down to Georgia.

Colas's Wattway project adds swaths of solar-powering roadway to Georgia, France, as it broadens solar-energy concept.

Wattway solar road now open for rays in France

Segolene Royal is there, of course.

Try not to stall on it, okay?

France could limit EV incentives base on price

Germany and California have applied similar policies to EV perks.

France's price cap on qualifying electric vehicles would be about $56,000.

Mountain drifting is even cooler in virtual reality

Watch the drift angles from any angle in this 360-degree video.

Tesla fire in France was caused by bad electrical connection

No one was hurt in Tesla Model S blaze, which destroyed the car in five minutes.

Tesla says robots usually do the job, but the Model S 90D in question was an exception.

Tesla Model S catches fire in France during test drive

Full details are not yet known.

This story will be updated as more details come in.

Peugeot works with Israeli startup on range-extender tests

French automaker looks beyond diesels to boost fuel economy.

PSA Peugeot Citroen may add range-extender from partnership with Israel's Aquarius Engines.

Watch four hours of fantastic machinery at Le Mans Classic 2016

Running footage of famous cars and famous people at the famous Circuit de la Sarthe.

Parisian ban on old cars has officially taken effect

It's happening.

Paris has officially banned cars built before 1997 from entering the city during the daytime on weekdays, and could soon expand even further until only EVs are left within the city limits.

Irish football hooligans repair car damaged during march

European football fans have a largely well-deserved reputation for drunk and disorderly conduct.

Classic collector cars won't be banned from Paris streets

If you have a collector car sticker, you're good to go.

Hobbyist cars bearing a special sticker will be exempt from the Paris old car ban.

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Getting Le Mans race-ready takes a small army

650 workers put the track together in just three hours.

Putting together an 8.5-mile track takes a lot of teamwork, whether it be adding 4,900 feet of safety railing or installing a two-kilometer section of fencing.

Uber fined $900,000 in France for running illegal transportation operations with UberPOP

Two Uber execs will also be fined.

Uber will have to pay around $900,000 in France for its UberPOP service.

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