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Man convicted of shooting crossbow into pickup during road rage chase

Crossbow bolt struck truck cab just left of the back window

Crossbow bolt struck truck cab just left of the back window.

Man clings to hood at 70 mph in latest road rage incident

Things are getting testy out there

Things are getting testy out there.

Florida man attacks SUV with his bare hands

Road rage at its weirdest

Road rage at its weirdest.

Ford patent gives lane-splitting motorcyclists a brake

Proposed system uses a car's existing driver-assist sensors

Proposed system uses a car's existing driver-assist sensors.

Florida man arrested in road rage incident captured in viral video

Video shows a motorcyclist rammed off the road in Sarasota, Fla.

Police in Florida say they've arrested a Sarasota man in connection with a violent road rage incident, captured in a viral video, that injured a motorcyclist.

Watch motorcyclist kick moving car, trigger chain-reaction crash

Truck flips, motorcyclist keeps going.

California road rage at its finest.

Tour champ Chris Froome thrown from bike in hit-and-run

"Just got rammed on purpose by an impatient driver."

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Exploring the puzzle of road rage - and 9 tips for avoiding it

From Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde.

What is it about driving that transforms a normally nice person into a monster?

Road rage causes car to flip four times at high speed

One driver brake-checks another.

This is why we don't screw around on the freeway.

Man nips road rage incident in the bud by parking pickup on top of Camry

In an effort to curb a road rage incident and protect his young family, a man in Ocala, FL, backed his lifted F-150 up on to the hood of a Toyota Camry.

Road raging driver survives brake checking a heavy duty truck

A viral video showing a driver brake checking a heavy truck on a freeway in Wisconsin last week has sparked a conversation about road rage and risky driving maneuvers.

Rio bus driver deserves Olympic gold for road rage

Incident occurred the same night another bus carrying members of the media was fired upon.

A bus driver in Rio had just about enough of Olympics traffic Wednesday night.

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