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As the price of oil goes through the roof, people the world 'round are responding. Here in America many have reduced their driving or traded in their SUV for a hybrid. Others, horror of horrors, have even started taking the bus. In Vietnam, where many folks have been riding 50cc "motorbikes" for years, the reaction has been to switch to electric versions. According to state-owned e-newspaper VietNamNet, "they are selling like hotcakes." One retailer (name not given) interviewed for the story, w

Oh, scooters... What would be a postcard from Italy be without the looks of a Vespa? And how practical a scooter is to get around the city to do errands, almost forgetting what it means to look for a parking space? However, 2-strokes are traditionally quite polluting engines (usually) and it would be good to have an alternative.