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Prospective Zap dealer chokes on electric vapor!

The world desperately needs vehicles with alternative powertrains, such as battery electrics. The potential to make a killing in the business is huge, as is the potential to lose everything. The auto industry - as anyone who has ever gotten involved in it knows - is hugely capital intensive so investors are needed. However, people tend to be unwilling to put large quantities of cash unless they see a potential return. In any new business arena there are startups who fail without drawing much att

Zap-X, a normal electric car, "months" away?

The product of the Zap-Lotus agreement, the Zap-X, a normal looking, electric, four door sedan, just might be "months" away from mass production. China.org.cn is reporting China's Youngman Automotive Group, the Lascelles Linton

More renderings of Zap's next vapor EV, the Alias

Zap is starting to trickle out some more information on their latest announced but as yet invisible project, the Alias. They first announced their intention to develop this new three-wheeler a couple of months ago and indicated that they would provide more details at their July shareholder meeting. Alas the only information that came out at that time was the name.