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Since BMW hasn't even released a concept of their Merc R-class fighter, the X6, it struck us as odd that they would already be looking into production capacity. According to Automotive News, they're doing just that and looking to utilize their assembly lines in South Carolina to build approximately 40,000 of the yet-to-be-shown crossover.

The first gen Audi TT was known as a beauty, but hardly a beast. In many a comparo it was passed over for the top spot because its relatively heavy curb weight kept it from keeping up with the pack. Enter the Audi TT RS scheduled to arrive by the end of the year in Europe and likely never in the U.S. Auto Express reports that Audi is boring out the TT's 3.2L V6 to 3.6L, which should produce a stout 350-hp. Quattro all-wheel drive will, of course, be standard along with better brakes and a stiffe