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BMW may be developing a new range-topping sports car that also shows off the fuel-saving technology that might be the backbone of future cars from the Bavarians. Like the original Z1 of 1989, the Z10 is being developed by BMW's Technik R&D division. The car got pushed to the front of the line when a V10-powered supercar project was canceled.

German car mag Autobild has just placed its bet on what BMW's future lineup will look like by the end of the decade. Leading off will be a new large hardtop convertible, a successor to the Z8 if you will. While Autobild's rendering is mostly speculation, it clearly identifies the car as a meaty two-seater with a traditional long hood, short rear deck design. BMW should buy the rights to this gorgeous pic and just build it as is. The following list is what Autobild claims to have learned about th