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Fiat Group bringing bagful of new models to Bologna Motor Show

Of all the major international auto shows on the calendar each year, the Bologna Motor Show may not rank among the most important. But it is vital for the Fiat Group, whose numerous brands make up more than just one lion's share of the Italian auto industry. As such, it's not a show for Fiat to take lightly, and this year, it's coming with a whole mess of new debuts.

Chrysler shows off new Lancia-based Delta and Ypsilon models

The spawn of the Chrysler-Fiat merger has made its way to the English market, in the form of the 2012 Chrysler Delta and 2012 Chrysler Ypsilon. If they look familiar, that's because these cars are cribbed directly from the Lancia range.

Rumormill: Next-gen Lancia Ypsilon could come Stateside as a Chrysler

Lancia Ypsilon Versus Edition – Click above for high-res image gallery

Lancia to create the new Ypsilon on the Fiat 500 Giardinera platform

One of Lancia's achievements with the Y10, later called Ypsilon, was creating the urban chic supermini well before the new Minis or Smarts were on the road. Although not the most successful car in the segment, the Ypsilon has been a Lancia staple since its introduction in 1996. Since the current version is starting to look outdated, the Italian marque is planning to launch an updated based on the future F

The new Lancia Ypsilon could be ready for 2009

Fiat is surely trying to revitalize its Lancia brand. Once the jewel of the crown thanks to models like the Delta Integrale (I even had a poster of it when I was a child), Lancia had the cutest supermini around in the '80s. This car was the Y10, later called Ypsilon (all Lancias use Greek letters for naming). It was a package that combined luxury and small size.