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First half sales reports have been rolling in and it looks like things are just peachy for the crew at Crewe. Bentley is reporting increased sales for the fourth year in a row. Sales were up nearly 19 percent compared to first-half '06, meaning 5,600 individuals called themselves new Bentley owners in the past six months. During that time, the company had its best month ever, delivering 1,200 Bentleys in March alone. Thanks in large part to the GTC and the new Brooklands, things are indeed good

As promised, we bring you to the complete, unabridged sales figures for 2006. Unlike the numbers for the month of December, we're seeing a lot of little red arrows down there. Still, many of these numbers were expected. General Motors and Ford Motor Company, for instance, were both down for the year, 8.4% and 7.57%, respectively. Toyota Motor Company, meanwhile, ended 2006 up 12.9%. We've heard those two sentences all year long, however, why should the annual numbers be any different?