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The fourth of Yamaha's environmentally-friendly two-wheelers to be shown at the 40th Tokyo Motor Show is imaginatively, and simply, named BOBBY. Odd name choice aside, the idea of a fold-away little bike makes some sense, and actually has been done before, including with this electric machine from Yamaha themselves. If you're into styling which falls squarely into the "box it came in" philosophy, perhaps this diminutive machine will fit right into your Scion XB.

Carrying on Yamaha's onslaught of the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show and their slew of environmentally-friendly cycle concepts, we now introduce you to the FC-Dii. Like the LUXAIR that we showed you previously, the FC-Dii appears to be based on a model originally shown in 2005 called the FC-me. Like that machine, the FC-Dii gets its power from a fuel cell which uses Yamaha's methanol-water solution. The fuel cell creates electricity which continuously charges the on-board lithium ion battery pack. That b