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We got a note from Xtreme Green Vehicles last week announcing that their X Rider was the first electric motorcycle to receive a Certificate of Conformity from the EPA. We thought this was unusual, since X Rider is not the only ebike available (see Zero X and Brammo for two examples), but it turns out to be accurate.

Guess "EM72-A09" just didn't have that special something. Not long after our last post on this highway speed electric motorcycle (it "approaches" 65 mph) that commented on its strange name, we got an email from Xtreme Green Products telling us that the bike is now called the X Rider. The $7,999 X Rider uses 40 amp hour, 72 volt li-ion batteries to go about 95 miles per charge. The bike will launch sometime this spring, and Xtreme Green is callling it, "one of the most innovative alternative fue

A tipster dropped us a note to let us know that XtremeGreenProducts is lining up dealers to start selling its electric two-wheelers in the near future. In spite of the name, there doesn't appear to be anything particularly "extreme" about these machines. However, they do have some pretty decent specs that may give them a leg up on Vectrix.

All of six weeks ago, Extreme Motorsports (aka Xtreme) unveiled their first all-electric sandcar, the Dune Racer. The company thinks we're ready for more, since it announced this week that the second version - the Sportster - will also be street legal.

Extreme Xtreme Motorsports already sells a line of EPA-compliant recreation vehicles known as sandcars, and they are looking to reduce the environmental impact of those sandcars even further. To that end, Xtreme has completed engineering and manufacturing plans of a new all-electric sandcar. The new "Zero Emissions Sandcar" technology will be available in both the Sportster and Dune Racer models as of April 28th, 2008, and the company says that three are already reserved for 2009. Azure Dynamics