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XcelPlus and Maverick BioFuels have developed a new type of fuel that is compatible with gasoline engines. What's interesting is that this fuel is obtained from biodiesel. An additive, named Biolene, allows the intrepid to homebrew gasoline from biodiesel. Although I'm taking this with a pinch of salt, XcelPlus and Maverick BioFuels say they are happy with the results. According to Mr. Bill R. Smith, president of Xcelplus, "current testing of the fuel is being conducted with test vehicles run ex

The U.S. Air Force is trying to make its ground vehicles a little less petroleum fuel-hungry. It has advanced li-ion battery contracts out and funded the Silverado EV. The company Xcelplus International Inc. announced this week that it and MAG International Inc. will be providing the Air Force with a "new fleet of off road vehicles designed to reduce exhaust emissions." The reduced emissions for the 450 vehicles come from flexfuel conversions and then running the unnamed vehicles on E85. Aside f