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What more can we say about Ford's upcoming new Mondeo? We've covered this significant new car dozens of times, but with the Mondeo's launch rapidly approaching, the inevitable spy shots of near production-ready versions are increasing. Hans Lehmann spotted this spotted version of a wagon on its way to Scandinavian cold weather testing, and World Car Fans has the photos. Make sure you click over to see several other shots of this handsome estate, as these are the cleanest views out there right no

WorldCarFans isn't a fan site that often goes guessing into the wind, so we perked up and listened when one of its headlines suggested that Bentley might be building an SUV. The only evidence the site has are spy shots of a Cayenne test mule, but it reasons that the platform underpinning the Porsche Cayenne, Volkswagen Touareg and Audi Q7 could further be stretched to include a Bentley bruiser. While the resulting sport utility would benefit from the development already done by the other automak

These spy shots from WorldCarFans give us the best idea yet of what the next Honda CR-V will look like when it launches next year. Sister ute to the Acura RDX, the next CR-V will not get the new Acura's turbocharged engine, but rather a more meager naturally aspirated 2.4L four-cylinder rated at 170 hp. That also means the CR-V won't be hunting any Toyota RAV-4s with their (much) larger V6 engines and third row of seats. Some good news is that this new Honda ditches the outside mounted spare and

Catching one of the prototype 2007 Chrysler Sebring sedans driving around the streets of Detroit seems as easy as catching a cold these days. These spy shots, however, were nabbed half way across the world in Germany, one of the Sebring's future markets in Europe. The shots feature a black sedan with 8-spoke, Crossfire-like alloy wheels. This preproduction model is naked save for its front end, rear and hood that are covered in bras. The spy photographer did manage, however, to snap an uncovered

Sure, it's possible to argue about the long-term benefits of ethanol, but GM's announcement that their new 3.9L V6 engine will be a flexible fuel engine is the less exciting of the two bits of news. The second announcement, that the 3.9L V6 will have cylinder deactivation, is really a good idea that is hard to argue with. This is the introduction of cylinder deactivation, called Active Fuel Management (AFM) by GM, in V6 engines. It has been available in V8s for three years.