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Image of phony offshore wind farm - Click above to watch video after the jump

Electric vehicle batteries don't last forever. Sure, they can be charged up, drained and charged again, but at some point they just won't get the job done anymore. Automakers estimate that advanced batteries will provide about ten years of serviceable life in vehicles. So what happens to that hunk of lithium in your vehicle after it's retired from the intended duties? It gets a second chance in one of several industries lining up to spring new life into that old battery.

Perhaps someday families will go on vacation in their electric-powered RVs to the coast of Delaware. Once there, parents will look out upon the water and say, "Kids, this is where offshore wind power came to the U.S." The kids won't listen - they'll be too busy with their hydrogen-powered toy cars (still the only affordable hydrogen vehicles) to care. Still, the parents will like arms and smile and think back to June 2008.