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Moving sculptures on the beaches of The Netherlands

These sculptures might change your definition of art

Sculptures that can move? These mobile "animals" are the artistic vision of Dutch artist and kinetic sculptor Theo Jansen. Since 1990 Jansen has been creating a new form of art in motion that lives on beaches. Jansen's animals are wind powered and were seen in a BMW commercial in 2006. The skeletal structure of each animal is made from electrical tubes bound together by zip ties. A rotating spine in the internal structure of the creatures allow the animals to move forwards and backwards. Jansen

Mitsubishi, Tokyo Institute of Tech developing system to use nighttime wind power

When we heard that Mitsubishi and the Tokyo Institute of Technology (TIoT) were working on a way to use power generated while a windmill spins at night, it got us thinking. What's so special about wind power produced overnight?