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Singer and Williams collaborate on lightweight Porsche 911 engine

This 500-hp flat-six engine is the first product of a new partnership for lightweight services.

Anyone interested in another vintage Porsche 911 restored and modified by Singer Vehicle Design? Did we mention it'll have over 500 horsepower?

Aston Martin makes RapidE electric car a limited edition after LeEco pulls out

Expect a price tag of over $250,000 for the electric sedan.

"Aston Martin now plans to proceed independently, funding further development of RapidE by ourselves."

A complete visual guide to the cars of the 2017 F1 season

More downforce and more speed mean more excitement. Hopefully.

A new rulebook for Formula 1 in 2017 has led to completely new designs from every constructor taking part in the sport. Here's a look at all of them.

Dendrobium is an electric hypercar from Singapore set to debut in Geneva

Williams F1 and Vanda Electrics will unveil Dedrobium in Geneva.

Vanda Electrics and Williams F1 are teasing Singapore's first electric hypercar ahead of its Geneva debut.

Mark Webber to retire at end of FIA WEC season

The current Australian, former Formula One Driver, is hanging up the helmet.

Brazilian F1 driver Felipe Massa to retire at end of 2016 season

The 35-year old Brazilian hangs up his helmet after 14 years in F1.

Since entering F1, Massa competed in 242 races and won 11.

2016 Canadian Grand Prix: A tale of 3 starts and 2 stops

Autoblog recaps the 2016 Canadian Formula 1 Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton won, followed by Sebastian Vettel and Valtteri Bottas.

Race recap: 2016 Bahrain Grand Prix was everything good and bad about F1

The 2016 Bahrain Formula 1 Grand Prix did a good job of showing us the worst of F1 - the inability to make the best decisions for the sport, the best of F1 - midfield teams fighting the whole race with lots of passing and good tidings for the future, and the same old F1 - silver cars at the front of the field.

Listen to the Williams F1 racecar fire up

The sound of a racecar is a good way to start your day.

Jaguar may enter Formula E to advance electric portfolio

Jaguar Land Rover is tipped to be launching a team in the FIA Formula E Championship, potentially in partnership with Williams and taking over from the Trulli team.

Young Canadian Lance Stroll signed to Williams F1 team

Williams has signed a promising young Canadian, Lance Stroll, to a development driver contract, putting him in prime position to ascend to the race grid.

​2015 Brazilian Grand Prix is the same as it ever was

Autoblog recaps the 2015 Brazilian Formula One Grand Prix, which proved again that if Nico Rosberg could get his end-of-season form at the beginning of the year, he'd be a serious threat to his teammate.

F1 test driver Susie Wolff retires from racing

After seven years in DTM and four seasons as a Formula One test driver with the Williams team, Susie Wolff is retiring from professional motorsport competition.

​2015 Mexican Grand Prix is a lot like old times

The Mexican Formula One Grand Prix returns to the calendar after a 23-year absence. Even with a new track layout and a new track surface, it's a lot like old times.

​2015 Italian Grand Prix is smoke, mirrors, stalls, and stewards

Autoblog recaps the 2015 Italian Formula One Grand Prix, which featured all kinds of drama at the start and the finish, not so much in the middle.

​2015 Belgian Grand Prix is a return to scheduled programming

Autoblog recaps the 2015 Belgian Grand Prix, a race with a new start procedure, a fantastic pass by a rookie, a late-race blowout, and a commanding performance in front.

​Race recap: 2015 British Grand Prix is a testament to timing

Autoblog recaps an unpredictable 2015 British Formula One Grand Prix, with surprises from the second the lights went out until shortly before the end, rain, then more rain, and the best bit of timing we've seen all year.

2015 Austrian F1 Grand Prix switches to alternating current

Autoblog recaps the 2015 Austrian F1 Grand Prix, a race full of penalties and penances behind the leaders.

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