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Man, how time flies. The return of Knight Rider to the small screen happens in just nine days when a two-hour movie featuring a new Michael Knight and his talking, jumping, cloaking car airs February 17th on NBC. You'd think with such little time left that the movie itself would be finished and ready to go. Not so. A few weeks ago, Will Arnett, the chosen voice of KITT in the movie and upcoming series, was forced to back out because someone realized that he also did voiceover work for GMC. Being

Something tells me the commercials for the new Knight Rider are going to be better than the show they're pimping, but we can hold out hope, however slim it may be. This week's new TV spot features lead character Mercury Mike Tracer as he drops off KITT in front of a valet parking stand, rendering an eager parking attendant speechless. No GT500KR joyride for you, dude. Watch it after the jump.