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GE Partners With PayPal On WattStation Connect App

Sometimes finding a working, compatible EV charging station can be a challenge. Web and mobile maps full of outdated data have caused issues for EV owners looking to find a place to juice up on the go. We experienced firsthand the difficulties of old data in the charging infrastructure. (The charger we were told to go to didn't have a proper connector.)

GE says WattStation Connect EV-charger locator is a potential revenue generator

Yes, you can make some extra cash by letting electric-vehicle drivers charge up at your house.

Urban Green Energy's Skypump lets you drive like with the wind

We doubt that charging your electric vehicles using solar will become passé any time soon, but when it does, at least we have options when comes to fossil fuel-free electrons. Urban Green Energy is teaming with General Electric to create charging stations that funnel power from the wind directly into your EV's batteries. They even have a clever name: the skypump.

GE Wattstation makes young people happy [w/video]

GE WattStation ad – Click above to watch video Sebastian Blanco

GE unveils new electric car charger, the WattStation [w/video]

GE WattStation – Click above for high-res image gallery