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Earlier this month, we caught up with Wal-Mart's search for a way to use biodiesel in its shipping fleet. While there's been no announcement from Arkansas, I found a mention in the Seattle Times of the retail giant's ongoing biodiesel quest. My earlier post focused on the Kansas Soybean Association's visit to Wal-Mart HQ this past October, but sometimes Wal-Mart doesn't wait to be called on. This Seattle Times' story says that Wal-Mart visited with biodiesel producer Imperium Renewables after Hu

There's an argument you sometimes hear from SUV fans that increasing the MPG rating of a Hummer by a little bit makes a bigger difference than increasing the MPG numbers on a fuel-efficient standard (i.e., non-hybrid) Civic. The idea is that Hummers use so much fuel to get around that changing them, the worst offenders, just a little bit can make a huge difference.