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Since winning the "Best New Engine of 2006" award from the International Engine of the Year committee, Volkswagen's Twincharger TSI engine has taken the 1.0 to 1.4 liter category by storm, taking the class victory last year and again for 2008. Cited reasons for the win include the engine's high power output and low gasoline consumption. Other awards have been given to the engine, including two in Japan, an Auto Environment Certificate from the ÖKO-TREND Institute for Environmental Research

Volkswagen's TSI engines were awarded the "TechnoBest" award from the 15-nation AutoBest jury in Istanbul today. One reason for the award was that these engines crank out a lot of power for the amount of fuel they consume, something the jury called a "genuine advancement." Read more of the jury's thoughts in VW's announcement after the jump. For the last few years, Europeans have been able to drive using the TSIs, but Americans will get a first taste later this summer with the release of the new

Back in April, the VW Golf 1.4L TSI won the Auto Environment Certificate from the ÖKO-TREND Institute for Environmental Research. Today, VW announced that its TSI engine technology - which is available in a variety of vehicles, including the Golf, Touran, Jetta, Golf Plus and Golf estate - won two prizes in Japan. TSI was named "Most Advanced Technology Award 2008" (a bit early, no?) from Japanese automotive journalists and "Technology of the Year" from the jury of the Japanese Automotive R

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