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GM hopes to sell Saturn by the end of 2009

That GM would sell Saturn has been floating around for what seems like ages now, but the most recent word from GM on the fate of the brand was that the "resolution" had been bumped up in the schedule to the end of 2009. GM just released a statement about the Saturn sale, saying that, "A number of potential buyers have surfaced and expressed interest in the Saturn brand and retailer n

Saturn drops the Green Line moniker

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Enjoy the VUE: Saturn releases more images and specs of 2008 VUE

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Saturn Vue Green Line added to GM's 0% February incentives

If it's simple to add the Saturn Vue Green Line to GM's yearly President's Day sale (now extended through Feb. 28), why wasn't it simple to include the hybrid in the first place? Who knows. All GM spokesman John McDonald told the Detroit News in an interview about the extension of GM's 0% financing deal is that the Green Line version in now included for "simplicity's sake." In some cases, dealers didn'

Meet the only Saturn Vue Green Line Taxi in New York

Last Wednesday, the Altman building on west 18th Street in Manhattan was home to a General Motors reception for the New York area media. Autoblog was there, and in addition to the array of 2007 products displayed inside the reception hall, there was a vehicle of particular interest parked outside: a brand new Saturn Vue Green Line taxi. In the sea of Crown Vics, Escape Hybrids, and assorted minivans patrolling the streets of the Big Apple, it stands alone as the only Vue Green Line out there pic

LA Auto Show: Aura toeing the Green Line

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Available now: 2007 Saturn Vue Green Line hybrid in California

AutoblogGreen reader Christopher Howell wrote in the other night to say he'd just picked up "the first Vue hybrid in Southern California". Perhaps he'd like to give a quick review of how it drives in the comments below. Until then, here are some earlier posts on Saturn's first hybrid offering and one on how quickly the higher cost of a Vue Green Line will likely pay off against savings at the pump (the estimate from late last month says it'll take about six years).