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Another day, another rumor of the sale of Volvo's automobile operations. Of course, Ford is the current owner of the Swedish maker of shapely bricks, and the Blue Oval could definitely use the money as it tries to regains its shaky footing in its home market. A sale of Volvo has been spoken of for the last few years, and industry talk has seemed to pick up steam as Ford unloaded the other automakers that used to make up its now defunct Premium Auto Group. BMW has been mentioned as a possible sui

Ford says Volvo's not for sale, and the Blue Oval would be smart to hold on to its remaining vestige of the Premier Auto Group as long as it can, especially since engineering and platforms have become so entwined with Dearborn's product line. For its part, Volvo is angling to take on the high end Germans. Volvos have long been premium products, having built a reputation on exceptional durability, meticulous engineering, and of course, safety. Try as it might, however, Volvo has a hard time compe