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2010 Volkswagen Golf TDI – Click above for high-res image gallery

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Audi A3 TDI – Click above for high-res image gallery

2009 Volkswagen Jetta TDI - Click above for high-res image gallery

According to VW CEO Martin Winterkorn, we'd better get used to the sound of a rumbling internal combustion engine churning away in our automobiles, ingesting dead dinos as they continue to be the dominate source of power for our automobiles for at least the next 15-20 years. The German automaker has big plans to invest in technologies to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, but most of the efficiency increases will come from refinements made to gasoline and diesel-burning powerplants.

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It looks like Bentley chief Franz-Josef Paefgen is being over-ruled when it comes to what kinds of powertrains will appear in his cars in the future. Specifically, Volkswagen is firmly committed to diesel engines while Paefgen has said that they are inappropriate for Bentley automobiles. VW Group CEO Martin Winterkorn told Auto Motor und Sport that the company will respond to changing markets and he could imagine a diesel Bentley. The engine for the British luxury brand is likely to be a new twi

Volkswagen is expanding its BlueMotion lineup again, this time moving to its people movers. BlueMotion versions of the Golf-based Touran and the larger Sharan will follow the same pattern of similarly-badged VWs. High efficiency diesel engines will be combined with some usual aerodynamic tweaks, taller gearing and low rolling resistance tires. The Touran will be powered by older 104 hp 1.9L "pumpe-duse" TDI engine. That's good enough to achieve 43.5 mpg (U.S.) on the EU test cycle, an improvemen

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Despite the fact that Volkswagen's 2009 Jetta TDI sedan and Sportwagen cost more and have yet to get here, plus fuel prices in the five-dollar range, customer desire for the sparkless VeeDubs is running high. Perhaps buyers don't realize that these ain't the old Rabbit rattlers that cost three cents to run and would rack up a billion miles with five tanks of fuel. TDI maintenance costs are not insignificant, but the allure of inherent efficiency has folks putting their money where their mouths a

Volkswagen dealerships are reporting strong demand for the brand-new 2009 Jetta and Jetta Sportwagen TDI. Some dealers have even sold out before their first TDI even showed up on the lot, despite the fact that customers won't actually be getting their cars for at least another month or so. The two-thousand dollar premium buyers are asked to pay along with diesel prices, which are hovering in the $4.70 to $5.00 range, have not hampered buyers' hankering for a new fifty-state diesel passenger car.

For Episode #22 of the AutoblogGreen podcast, Sam and Sebastian recap the AVFI show in Las Vegas, and enter into a discussion focusing on diesel. Still on the diesel tip, Sam talks excitedly about the Volkswagen TDI Cup racing series before moving on to the much more charged topic of EV infrastructure. Our interview this week isn't so much a one on one as it is a speech from T. Boone Pickens, he of oil magnate status, about how oil is not going to last forever. Thanks for listening, see you agai

It is getting to be rather common these days to see a tuning company add ridiculous amounts of power to already high-performance vehicles. Some companies have earned quite a reputation for taking German designed and engineered cars and adding superchargers, turbochargers or just really big engines, such as RUF with Porshces and Brabus with Mercedes-Benz vehicles.