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Yes, the car you see above is the Chrysler Sebring the new Volga Siber and I chose the image to illustrate the efforts of GAZ to become an important automaker. GAZ has bought 50 percent of the Italian diesel manufacturer VM Motori from its previous owner Penske Corporation. Who is the owner of the other half of the shares? GM. VM Motori is currently supplying diesel engines for Opel and Chevrolet, like the 2.0-liter diesels under certain European models. VM Motori is also working on the developm

Bob Lutz may not be a huge diesel fan but General Motors is beefing up their internal diesel prowess anyway. They have reached an agreement with long-time collaborator Penske Corp. to buy a fifty percent stake in Italian diesel maker VM Motori S.p.A. The new 2.9L V-6 diesel that GM announced at the Geneva Motor Show was jointly developed with VM Motori and the Italian company also supplied the engines that were used in the previous Jeep Liberty diesel.

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