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Verizon has contracted with Steelweld Equipment Co. to convert 300 of its not-so-clean Ford E-250 cargo vans over to run on compressed natural gas. The wireless service provider claims that converting just 300 vans to run on CNG will reduce its emissions by an astounding 480 tons per year. The converted vans will swing into duty in Southern California and be utilized by area technicians who install TV, broadband and phone services.

You've probably seen the reports that claim using mobile phones while driving is just as bad as driving drunk. That hasn't deterred Verizon's marketing department from targeting drivers concerned with saving gas, high fuel prices and traffic congestion. In a press release titled Save on Gas and Avoid Traffic This Fall With Verizon Wireless, the telecom giant endorses three of their mobile phone services: VZ Navigator, FuelFinder and TXT Traffic Alerts.