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Should I switch to straight veggie oil? What is holding SVO back?

We like to answer reader questions with our Greenlings series whenever possible, and thought that Timothy H. had a good topic. He sent in the following question/suggestion about straight vegetable oil (SVO):

Michigan students power buses with veggie oil

It's no secret to the majority of our readers that it is possible to run many older diesel engines on nothing more than straight vegetable oil. In fact, the first diesel engine, invented by Rudolph Diesel, ran on peanut oil. This fact is also well known by the students at the Michigan Technical Academy who have converted their own school buses to run on waste vegetable oil. Garden Fresh Foods in Ferndale, Michigan is providing used veggie oil that was first

Manila Police to use WVO from McDonalds

Police in Manila, the capitol city of the Philippines, have taken up a cool new effort in order to save some green, though they will be spreading some green in the process. It seems that the Police force will be converting its cruisers to run on a mixture of waste vegetable oil (WVO) and diesel fuel. The oil in question will be donated by McDonalds. Other local area restaurants are also considering making similar donations. So far, just one vehicle has had the conversion done, though more are li

NorthStar Moving powers their fleet with biodiesel

California's NorthStar Moving Corporation has just converted all of its trucks to run on biodiesel fuel. All of the fuel used by the moving and storage company will now be veggie-based. Additionally, their fleet of vehicles has also been fitted with battery-powered rear lift gates as opposed to hydraulic, meaning that the engine does not need to idle for extended periods.

North Carolina man fined for using vegetable oil in his car

As many people are aware, gasoline is taxed in an effort to pay for the nations roadways. Here in the U.S., we enjoy the freedom of being able to travel from one end of the country to the other with relative ease, and the system of highways and roadways that makes it possible obviously costs money. It seems that there are certain people who want to use the roadways without being required to support them, however, and for these people laws exist as a punishment for e

San Francisco plans on running city bus fleet on B20 using WVO

So, they've made ads that are dumb, and possibly even offensive, depending on who you ask, and they just opened their first B20 station recently. But San Francisco is really putting some effort into greening their city. The newest evidence of this fact is that the San Francisco Public Utilities

Watch Lovecraft Biofuels TV commercials online

"It's cheaper than regular gas, but that's not the point." No, it's not... but it could help make it easier to make the switch. These commercials for Lovecraft Biofuels highlight a few people who have done conversions on their diesel-powered automobiles to run on biofuels. In one memorable shot, an attractive young lady dumps vegetable oil into her tank, then onto her salad which she proceeds to eat. Another man says that his car "smells like Thai food", which is "good, unless you're hungry."

In the Autoblog Driveway: 2003 VW Jetta SVO (Straight Vegetable Oil)

One lesser-known movement in green car technology is converting diesels to run on SVO, or Straight Vegetable Oil. Unlike biodiesel, which is produced by chemically modifying vegetable oil so that it can be used in a diesel vehicle with no modifications, SVO requires a second fuel system for the vegetable oil in addition to the standard diesel fuel system. Also, one doesn’t operate and fill up an SVO vehicle like