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Like the idea of car-free streets? Bicycle riders the world over can probably see the appeal, but in the town of Vauban, German, the car-free lifestyle is being taken up by pretty much everyone. Since the early 1990s, residents have been moving away from cars and into alternatives like public transportation and bikes. As we wrote in 2006, the shift has been incremental and with the strong support of the people living in town. Heck, about 57 percent of the residents sold their cars in order to "e

While Katie Rogers tries to live Carless in L.A., an entire town in Germany is ditching cars wherever possible. The town, Vauban (near Freiburg) is built on a closed military base and has been in the car-free conversion process for 13 years. The city-wide development project was completed this year, and the mostly–young inhabitants of Vauban now often walk, bike and take public transportation through town.

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