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If there's any brand that loves special editions more than Porsche, it's Jeep. The automaker has officially released two new flavors of the 2013 Grand Cherokee SRT8, and both include sexy monochrome exteriors in either black or white. The Alpine edition comes dipped in Bright White paint, while the Vapor edition shown above is soaked in Brilliant Black. Both come wearing 20-inch five-spoke gloss black wheels as well as a few other matching appointments, including badges, grilles and rear light b

GM recently filed the appropriate trademark paperwork to ensure it gets dibs on the name Vapor as it pertains to motor vehicles. However, there is no indication of where GM intends to utilize the new moniker. That means, for now, that the Vapor remains nothing more than vaporware, although we're hoping it carries a Saturn badge when it finally comes market. The Saturn Vapor; it sounds like a cloud of poisonous gas, and who wouldn't want to drive that?