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As high fuel prices make it more expensive for people to run their cars, services that specialize in replacing those cars, full-time or part-time, are seeing their businesses grow along with the pump price. Earlier, we told you about Zipcar's improved performance of late, and now we can tell you that at least one Vanpool service is also reaping the benefits of a public fed up with expensive gas. VPSI, Inc. of Troy, MI runs vanpools in the U.S. and the Netherlands and told the Detroit Free Press

If you live in the Bay Area and like to conserve resources (like, say, money and oil), perhaps ride sharing should be added to your list of transportation options. A free service called 511 Rideshare can help passengers and drivers find each other for daily commutes. The website can also help you find vanpool information, which is like carpooling on on steroids. Actually, considering the negative association steroids have these days, I'll say it's more like carpooling on a healthy vegan diet: s

VPSI is a company that's been providing third party van pooling services since 1977 and now they are expanding into Atlanta and Houston. Groups who start new van-pool groups in those cities in January 2007 will be getting a discount of up to $500 on the first month bill. The company offers vehicles seating from 7 to 15 passengers. They provide all the vehicles, maintenance, and insurance costs and passengers split the fuel costs. The company is based in Troy, Michigan and currently has a fleet o