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A few years back it was not unheard of to see incidents of vandalism and outright destruction committed against large SUVs, especially Hummer H2s. Those incidents have largely died down recently, perhaps because people feel pity for those SUV owners who can no longer afford to drive them and can't afford to get rid of them. Now, however, someone is striking back against what they likely perceive as the overly smug, self-righteous greenies who drive Toyota Priuses. One Prius was completely destro

Vandals who mess with other people's cars are scum -- bottom-feeders who are beneath contempt. It doesn't matter what the vehicle being damaged is. Cars are a major purchase, there's often an emotional connection to them, and most importantly, they generally represent the owner's primary source of mobility -- getting him or her to work, to the store, to pick up the kids, and so on.

Gareth Groves had his newly-acquired 2005 HUMMER H2 SUT on the road for just five days, and now it's out of commission. Groves lives in what a neighbor described to The Washington Post as "liberal leaning" community. That same person felt compelled to add that "It's ridiculous to be driving a HUMMER." Apparently, she's not the only one who felt that way.