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Rivian files to patent modular R1T pickup beds

Five bed configurations from camper back to chassis cab

Five bed configurations from camper back to chassis cab.

Ford looks to Model A for inspiration for a minimalist car

Patent reveals folding, zero-emissions car.

Ford wants to bridge the gap between bicycles and cars.

Ford employees filed for a record 6k patents in 2015

Internal hackathons helped Ford employees file almost 6,000 applications to the US Patent Office in 2015, a 36 percent increase over last year.

Trademarks indicate Buick Regal wagon could be on the way

Filing Is Buick's Second Wagon-Related Trademark Of 2015

Buick has filed a pair of new trademarks that could point to the arrival of a wagon variant of the next-gen Regal sedan in 2017.

Toyota patent points to potential flying car

Toyota might be ready to take a stab at the flying car, as revealed by a patent drawing for a car with stackable wings.

What's this about a Toyota Prius Prime trademark?

Toyota has filed for a trademark in the US for the Prius Prime, but the documents give no hints as to what the vehicle might be.

Will Apple patent see car keys replaced by your iPhone? [w/video]

Apple has filed for a patent to let your smartphone also act as a car key. While some automakers have apps that already do that, this solution lets users selectively share the functionality with other devices.

Yamaha considering electric leaning trike?

Recent patent filings appear to indicate that Yamaha might be thinking about bringing a leaning, three-wheeled electric scooter to the US. While the idea of a trike cycle is hardly new – after all Yamaha already has its own Tricity – this one would have its dual wheels in the back with each one powered by its own electric motor. According t

Chrysler patents smarter minivan folding seats

It's frightening to think of how quickly the mice would have overtaken us if we hadn't stayed one step ahead of them with better mousetraps. We'll never have to worry about that in our relentlessly re-engineered world, though. Case in point: Chrysler has been granted a patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office for an improved design of the already wondrous Stow 'n' Go seating found in the automaker's Jonathon Ramsey

Ford files trademark application for 'Model E'

In early December, Ford filed an application with the US Patent and Trademark Office for the name "Model E." Historically, Ford never produced a Model E, and while automakers are known to file for trademarks they never use, some have wondered if the application might be used for a concept car.

GM files patent for 7-speed DCT, is it headed for Corvette?

Although a report last year indicated that the seventh-gen Chevrolet Corvette could be getting an eight-speed automatic transmission, it looks like General Motors might have some other plans in mind. General Motors recently filed a patent with the US Patent and Trademark Of