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Need to know more about how to design hybrid vehicles? The University of Michigan has an offer for you. The U of M will host an intensive course on the "Design and Control of Hybrid Vehicles" at the end of May to teach participants how to "dynamically analyze, simulate, and design for hybrid vehicles." This dynamic method can be applied to maximize a hybrid vehicle's fuel economy, and U of M states the course will cover powertrain and systems implementation. The dynamic model method has been u

It now seems a lifetime ago since I was studying mechanical engineering and it's amazing how things have changed. Back then, there were no hybrids on the road, and the GM Impact was still just a concept with no firm production plans. A substantial number of the engineers now developing the cars and trucks of the coming years are graduates of the University of Michigan. With the move to electrification of powertrains and the multiple sources of electrons those motors will need, the next generatio