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When Sandra Bullock married motorcycle builder and former Monster Garage host Jessie James, we were a bit surprised. After all, how many Hollywood mega stars marry glorified mechanics? Now comes news from the California Chronicle that Ms. Bullock is a big Top Gear fan, adding "I love Top Gear. I live for Top Gear." That quote alone instantly makes the successful actress one of the more credible movie-makers in Southern California – well, at least to us.

Even though it's been going on for more than two years now, the tale of the Acura NSX is like a news story that just broke: you have to keep checking back for details, and each subsequent update could turn the whole story on its head. The V10 NSX that was going to own the sports car gods on Mt. Olympus was killed, and a rumored newly resurrected NSX is said to be a V6 hybrid that will challenge Toyota's own will-they/won't-they FT-HS/Supra.