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According to research by Edmunds.com, the $19,711 average transaction price of the 2012 Hyundai Elantra is besting that of its chief rivals, the Toyota Corolla by $1,500 and the new Honda Civic by $500. The great big cherry on top of that sundae for Hyundai? Elantra sales were up more than 40 percent last year.

Hyundai has had the largest jump in transaction prices so far this year, but the Detroit Three have made the kinds of gains they haven't seen in years. Overall, according to Edmunds.com data, consumers spent an average of $29,217 on a car through the first five months of this year, with the domestics all meeting or exceeding that number. Only Chrysler fell a hair short, with an average transaction price just seven dollars below the industry average. However, all three Detroit companies posted pe