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Most people know there's an Athens, Greece and an Athens, Georgia. But did you know there are 22 towns named Sutton in the UK? There are plenty more examples of towns with the same name in different parts of the county, and Trafficmaster, a group that works on increasing "intelligent driving" skills, says that all these homograph towns (and other driving difficulties) lead to 10,000 calls a day from people asking for directions. Trafficmaster's take is that these wasted miles cost the drivers (a

Trafficmaster is a UK-based company somewhat like OnStar, but much, much better. The Trafficmaster telematics system communicates directly with your satellite navigation system to give you the most up-to-date traffic information yet possible. This is achieved through communication from existing customers' Smartnav in-car navigation system which sends data on actual vehicle speed on its route, instead of relying on speed limits. This allows the system to know when there is a traffic jam, and when