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Virginia cops bust drivers for driving without ice cream

Getting pulled over by the cops will ruin just about anyone's day. Except in Halifax, Virginia.

Yes, cops can pull you over for an obscured license plate

Got a bike rack or trailer hitch? One court says that's reasonable grounds for a traffic stop.

Most states have laws that require car owners to ensure their license plates remain visible and clear of obstructions. In practicality, that can be cumbersome. Trailers, trailer hitches, bike racks and other ordinary vehicle equipment can often restrict that view.

Supreme Court: Police cannot prolong traffic stops

Delays Could Infringe Upon Motorists' Fourth Amendment Rights

Police officers cannot detain motorists for any longer than necessary during ordinary traffic stops.

Traffic stops at heart of Ferguson Police Department's racial bias

Justice Department: City Filled Coffers On Backs Of Black Motorists

The Ferguson Police Department used traffic enforcement as a means to systemically discriminate against minorities, a new report from the Department of Justice found.