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Plug-In Prius prototype in Nashville today

The Congressional Tennessee Valley Authority Caucus is a bipartisan group of U.S. Senators and Representatives from the Tennessee Valley Authority area (Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia). Today, the Caucus will hold a field hearing on electric drive vehicles in Nashville, and Toyota will be showing off the plug-in Prius prototype there. We're familiar with the Toyota PHEV Prius PR routine (we Sebastian Blanco

Get free gas with a new pair of pants

Deals on gasoline make at least some sort of sense when automakers offer them (looking at you, crazy Chrysler), but when the latest free gas gimmick comes from buying Dockers, you know fuel prices are high. This is exactly what's going on, though, with a Father's Day sale at Sears that will give customers a $75 gas card and a $10 Sears gift card with the purchase of $100 worth of Men's D

Available now: Haynes Manual for the Toyota Prius

The used Toyota Prius market is heating up rapidly in the face of high gasoline prices. A quick check on eBay Motors shows that, despite the complicated systems which make up the world's best-selling hybrid, bidders are snatching up the Prius at a very high rate. Historically, mechanically-savvy individuals have been able to

US News: the future of the Prius is all about the plugs

The styrofoam hamburger container shape of the Toyota Prius elicits a lot of responses, good and bad. But when was the last time you saw one and thought, "wow"? Back when the hybrid was introduced, amazement might have been a common reaction, but we've seen the Prius in the U.S. for eight years already. What could possibly make us excited about the car now (well, aside from the high gas mileage). Toyota North America's head of product planning Mike O'Brien has been thinking about ways to bring t

Ford: Green cars could look like sexy science projects

Some see the success of the Toyota Prius, compared to such competitors as the Civic Hybrid, as proof that green cars need to look different from their normal siblings. While it may be a bit early on in the game to make this assessment, Ford's North American director of car design, Pat Schiavone, suggests that there could be a trend towards "green" styling cues. For instance, cars like the Honda Ins

High gas prices allow Toyota to slash Prius incentives

With sales of many car and truck models cratering in recent months as gas prices continued to climb and the real estate market has continued its melt down, there has been one notable exception. Toyota has seen sales of the pioneering hybrid car climb by more than 67 percent in April compared to 2007. Toyota has been able to achieve this while slashing the incentives that they introduced after federal tax credits expired for the Prius. In 2007, Toyota spent $1,471 per vehicle in sales incentives,

Another day, another award for the Prius, Green Engine of the Year

For the eighth time in the last five years, the powertrain of the Toyota Prius has been recognized by jury of the International Engine of the Year competition as one of the best. This time around Engine Technology International magazine replaced the previous best fuel economy category with Best Green Engine. The change was done to recognize the desired for both reduced fuel consumption and emissions. The Prius engine and hybrid transmission combo achieves tank-to-wheel efficiency of 34 percent c

Toyota Prius price climbs $400, other Toyota/Lexus models see similar increases

Photo by OrangeLimey. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

Penny-pinching Seth Green happy with his Prius purchase

Don't accuse Seth "Robot Chicken" Green of getting a Prius just because it's the trendy thing to do. At the recent Tribeca Film Festival, Green was talking to Contact Music and said he's most impressed with the way his new Prius saves him money at the pump and that he can drive alone in the carpool lane. Whatever it takes, I guess. Green doesn

Toyota Prius convertible: Don't see that every day!

Click on the image for more shots of this custom Prius convertible

Next-gen Prius to get larger engine, more efficient

Click on the photo for a gallery of high-res images of the Hybrid-X Concept

Go Green Car and Van Rental adds eight Prius hybrids

The city of Crewe in England is perhaps best known among car people as the long time home of Bentley and formerly Roll-Royce, brands not exactly known for environmental consciousness or attention to fuel economy. There are of course other businesses in town, one of which is Go Green Car and Van Rental. Go Green is the first British rental company to focus on environmentally friendlier vehicles. The company has just boosted their rental fleet of "green cars" to a dozen units with the addition of

Toyota to spike Prius production by 60% by 2009

Contrary to some recent speculation that Toyota might be capacity constrained when it comes to producing producing Priuses. It looks like the onset of an all new third-generation Prius next January (along with a Lexus badged companion) has triggered Toyota to invest in some more capacity at the two Japanese assembly plants that build them. After building 280,000 Priuses in 2007, an

Toyota Prius isn't British enough for Lord Jones

We can understand why Lord Jones, Britain's trade minister, would want to be driven around in his Jaguar as opposed to a Toyota Prius. First of all, while we really do like the Prius, a luxury car it is not. Secondly, and more importantly (or so he claims) is that he should be seen in a British car. An argument could surely be made that at least one British automaker should offer at least one environmentally friendly car for Jone

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