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Toyota constantly preaches that safety is a top priority. To further back up those claims, the automaker has announced a new research program: The Collaborative Safety Research Center. Located at the Toyota Technical Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the CSRC examines the science of safety with the goal of reducing the number of traffic fatalities and injuries on American roads. The best part about the program is related to the first word in its name – collaboration. Toyota isn't keeping thi

Behind the Scenes at Toyota's R&D Center – Click above for high-res image gallery

Michigan has been begging for good news from the auto industry lately, and the Great Lakes state got some from a company that was once considered public enemy number one. Toyota has officially opened a brand new $187 million technical center in York Township that will provide 400 more jobs to the beleaguered state while giving the Japanese automaker additional manpower to develop more new vehicles for North America. The York Township facility will compliment the 700-person Toyota research and de