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As we reported earlier today, Toyota is not expected to reveal the actual number of vehicles it sold in 2007 until later this month, but a source has told Reuters that the number should be about 9.366 million units worldwide. GM announced earlier today that it sold 9,369,524 vehicles around the world last year, which official makes it the world's best-selling automaker for the 77nd year in a row, though by the slimmest of margins.

Toyota has revealed that it sold 9.37 million vehicles worldwide in 2007, which amounts to a 6% increase. Though General Motors won't release its worldwide sales for 2007 until January 23rd, speculation has already begun that it wasn't able to hold off Toyota's aggressive growth and will cede its title of World's Best-Selling Automaker to the Japanese automaker for the 2007 calendar year. Though the world certainly won't end if this happens, GM has held that title for the last 76 years straight.