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Third-gen Toyota FCHV-adv – Click above for high-res image gallery

Toyota has joined the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) in Europe to help promote low- and zero-emission vehicles and related infrastructure. The automaker will be providing five of its Highlander-based FCHV-adv fuel-cell vehicles available for the CEP test fleet in Berlin and Hamburg, Germany. In addition, Toyota and CEP member Total will help to build more hydrogen fueling stations in Germany starting with a completely CO2-free facility at the Berlin-Brandenburg Airport. Several other hydrogen st

Toyota –like Honda, Hyundai and General Motors, among others – remains firmly convinced of the long-term viability of fuel cell vehicles. Toyota has publicly committed to introducing an affordable fuel cell vehicle for retail sale by no later than 2015. In preparation for a market launch, Toyota will begin deploying a fleet of over 100 of its latest fuel cell prototype, the FCHV-adv, in the United States. The Toyota fuel cell vehicles are based on the previous-generation Toyota Highl

Toyota, Nissan and Honda all participated in a fuel cell demonstration run in Japan last week. The three automakers brought their most advanced hydrogen fuel cell vehicles out for the two-day trip from Tokyo to Fukuoka with an overnight stop in Osaka. The driving teams piloted a Honda FCX Clarity, a Nissan X-Trail FCV and a Toyota Highlander FCHV-adv. Back in 2007, a Toyota FCHV traveled from Osaka to Tokyo on one tank of H2.

Toyota has started offering its fuel cell powered Highlander for lease by government agencies and energy related companies. The latest version, known as the FCHV-adv, uses an updated version of Toyota's in-house developed fuel cell stack which offers an extended range of over 470 miles on the latest JC08 test cycle. In 2007, Toyota engineers drove an FCHV 347 miles from Osaka to Tokyo on a single tank of hydrogen and then later drove one 2,300 miles from Fairbanks, Alaska to Vancouver, British C