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It has been confirmed that Ford will be offering the "Tough Box" as an option on the F-150 as soon as this Spring, but what if you're not in the market for a Blue Oval with a bed? Don't worry, since it seems that there are companies perfectly willing to apply the same treatment to your General Motors pickup, specifically the Chevy Colorado / GMC Canyon. SVE Fleet is a company that will add what it calls a Mid-Box to your pickup. Essentially the same thing as Ford's "Tough Box", the Mid-Box featu

PickupTruck.com is now reporting that the two extra doors in the bed of this F-150 mule are not destined for the 2009 model, but rather will be an option available as soon as this spring to commercial customers. As a few of our commenters noted in yesterday's post, the option is called the "Tough Box" and was previewed at the Ford's Claycomo, Missouri assembly plant in late January.