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Automakers have been paying big bucks for product placement in movies like Transformers and Casino Royale. When Ford marketers first heard that their recently redesigned Expedition made a free, blue oval-laden appearance on the wildly popular Sopranos finale, they must have figured that a little luck went their way. When those same product placement-o-holics discovered that the Expedition's big scene was when Tony Soprano enemy Phil Leotardo's head got crushed by said SUV, they probably weren't

With the second half of the final season finally kicking off, it's time for another "Sopranos" post. Forbes Auto has covered what it thought was the most exotic cars from this award-winning HBO series in the past, but turns this time to the 10 best car scenes. Scenes that were set in or around Sopranos vehicles are highlighted, with a good mix of in-car, outside-car, and under-car action. The cars themselves are nothing too extraordinary, but because the show has such a devoted following, the ve