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Some cars are making it easy to keep your tires healthy, but most of us have to do it ourselves.

Car Coach Lauren Fix answers your questions about car buying and maintenance. This week, Lauren talks about tire pressure and keeping your self safe and your car achieving the best fuel economy it can.

Nissan is moving to make its Easy Fill Tire Alert system standard equipment on its 2013 model year vehicles. Taking the federally mandated tire pressure monitoring system to the next logical step, the Nissan system honks the car's horn when you've inflated your tires to the correct pressure. No more reading the tire pressure placard on the door jamb and hunting around in the glovebox for a pressure gauge.

Keep your tires properly inflated. That's what the Environmental Protection Agency keeps telling us. Did you know that under-inflated tires require more energy to roll? This not only wastes fuel, but wears tires out more quickly, eventually requiring costly replacements. Furthermore, under-inflated tires can heat up excessively, leading to a possible blowout.

We all know that keeping your tires properly inflated will prolong their tread life, help you burn less fuel and increase your safety. But finding a working air hose when you're away from your garage is like trying to find a working clock in an early-80's Buick.

The crew over at Consumer Reports' Cars blog weigh in on the subject of tires today. Tires are probably one of the single most important variables of a vehicle's performance. They impact acceleration, braking, handling, ride, and noise. Tires also have an impact on fuel economy. If you've ever had a balloon you know that over time, the air will seep out of the balloon and it will slowly deflate. Tires work the same way. Over time the air molecules will seep between the rubber molecules of the ti

The picture at right nicely captures the sales message at many service centers. But will you get better gas mileage if you inflate your car's tires with nitrogen instead of compressed air? That's one of the claims of advocates of nitrogen inflation systems, like N2Revolution, and auto service centers that offer nitrogen inflation services (often for a fee).

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