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Video: 60 Minutes takes on Lamborghini, circa 1987

1987 Lamborghini Countach – Click above for video after the jump.

"How about we alienate our fans?" - Ford takes a page from the RIAA playbook

The internet has made it incredibly easy for groups of enthusiasts to communicate and collaborate. Gearheads benefit a lot from this. It's easy to share pictures of our beloved rides, and with services like CafePress, you can even get some cool merchandise

eBay find of the day: RX-7-based Jaguar E-type replica

click the pic above to see a gallery of 17 shots

Vintage Tech: The Granddaddy of EFI

Every car on the road now has fuel injection. There was no real battle royale between electronic systems and mechanical, though both flavors saw plenty of development. Rochester's Ramjet system was effective and quite slick, contained in a special intake manifold. Bosch had K-Jetronic which was a mechanically metered system that later gained some feedback electronics, becoming the very first FI system to utilize an exhaust gas oxygen sensor for fine mixture control. Fuel injecti